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I’m Lizz! I make artwork that is inspired by my life and the stories of people around me. I have a very active imagination so I often work in elements that are more fantastical than anything to help dramatize and visualize my ideas.

I am currently focusing on illustration but am multifaceted. I love to make things and organize events! I spend a lot of time drawing comics and am currently working on a book.

I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May of 2017 with a BS in Environmental Science.

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I always thought I was destined to be a rockstar, I’d blast my karaoke machine belting the words to my favorite song, “I Will Survive.” I thought to myself, “Dang, Gloria Gaynor is such a boss. She toughened up and left that mans sorry a-double-S behind!!” I was about 7 years old, hahaha.

When I got a little older, maybe 10, I started writing. Every day I’d lock the door and sit in my room with papers spread across the floor secretly writing lyrics to my songs. I had to tell the world everything I knew about life and love. I swear I wrote a song that went just like Lazy Eye by the Silversun Pickups.

5th grade came along and I thought I’d be something a little more realistic. I hustled stinky fruity perfumes and had maybe 1 friend that wasn’t very nice. We actually almost boxed in 8th grade hahaha I was terrified bc I can’t fight for shit. I mentioned becoming a doctor and my mom got all happy so I was like ok I’ll become a doctor. I stole a health book I found in my teachers classroom and read it from cover to cover. Then one day I learned what a black hole was and that you needed to have 20/20 vision in order to become an astronaut. Clearly that’s all I needed to know to know that it was a good fit (I tried entertaining that idea again in college when I took physics and passed with a D+ yeah, definitely not a good fit!)

My world completely changed when I figured out how to use our desktop and I googled “how to draw anime” A few minutes later I discovered the word, “tutorial.” It was awesome. I started drawing on all my homework, notes, books, desks, walls, etc! I went through a phase where I tagged the GIR character from Invader Zim all over the place.

Middle school was the worst, I was bullied, I hated my parents every other day, my siblings were at peak annoying, I started playing guitar, and I got an iPod that was probably stolen but had bands like Simple Plan, Rage Against the Machine, Three Days Grace, System of A Down, and Linkin Park on it. I was angry! My chest decided it would grow permanent mosquito bites and now I had to wear training bras GROSS. What made me even more mad was learning that I could no longer be shirtless at home because I was becoming a “woman.” I never wanted to be a woman! Being a woman sucks! THE WORLD ISN’T FAIR. I had become a teenager.

High School was mostly chill, I floated along, made some friends friends, I didn’t really care about anything until Sophomore year when I joined Radio Arte/Yollocalli.

Finally! Weird kids like me! ART! RADIO! VIDEO! FRIENDS! MENTORS!